Polly's All Nighter

Meet the Queens of Polly’s All Nighter
The Queens steal the night every year at Polly's All Nighter. Meet this year's ladies who will be the highlight of our ladies only hotel take over; Katrina, India Bombay, Dusty Boxx, Monroe Sediwck and Miss Viola.
Polly’s All Nighter 2 [PHOTOS + VIDEO]
Thanks for making Polly's All Nighter another success. Once again, the Queens stole the show! They even entertained the crowd at Turning Stone's Tin Rooster in the wee hours of the morning. Check out video and photos highlights from the night. Who's ready for round three?
Polly’s All Nighter: An Event Worth Repeating [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
I spent much of the day following 'Polly's All Nighter,' catching up on lack of sleep, swallowing aspirin for my pounding head and resting sore muscles from too much dancing. But as I lay in bed I realize, every ache and pain was worth every second!  You ladies know how to party.