Best ‘American’ Song – Readers Poll
Country music and America go together like sweet and tea. Hundreds of songs have been written to celebrate our freedoms as Americans, but only a few have the word “American” in the title. Which of the following seven songs is your favorite “American&CloseCurlyDouble…
Self-Checkout Lanes Losing Popularity
I know from personal experience that using the self-checkout at the store can save me time. However there have been times when doing so has caused me more aggravation than waiting a few moments for the next cashier. Case in point, when the disembodied computer voice tells me to "re-scan previou…
What’s Your Favorite Leisure Activity?
We all have our favorite leisure activity. During the Frog Days of Summer, many of you may enjoy golf, tennis, boating, swimming or just going for a walk. One of my favorite leisure activities is taking our dog Gracie for a walk each day (or should I say, she takes me for a walk).