Hilarious Reality Show Parodies [VIDEOS]
Reality TV is everywhere on just about every cable channel. While some may be worthy of a look and do extremely well in the ratings (think "Big Brother, "The Voice") most have a limited-if any-appeal. A New York PBS station, WNET, has produced a series of reality show parodies that c…
WCNY-TV To Air Hurricane Sandy Documentary
We've all been concerned about the devastation and recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. Now, a special Nova documentary will be broadcast on PBS and aired locally on WCNY-TV, Sunday, November 18th.
Julia Child Gets Remixed By PBS on Her 100th Birthday
Julia Child, was born on this day 100 years ago.  PBS pays tribute to the French chef with their icon remix. You can join in the celebration, with additional videos, recipes and more at PBS. You can also leave your own tribute to The French Chef by cooking a Julia recipe and sharing it on Facebook a…
John Denver Back Home On The Double
Our "Country Classic Double" today at 11:30 a.m. features singer, songwriter, country and pop star John Denver. On this day back in 1975, the late John Denver's big hit "Back Home Again" was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.
What Shows Did You Watch as a Kid?
Today marks the anniversary of the PBS TV network.  November 3, 1969 a group of educational TV stations united into a network that would become Public Broadcasting.  Now they present many cultural and educational shows and series, but the first thing that comes to mind for me is "…