USA Luge to Remain in Lake Placid for Next 5 Years
It was this month last year that USA Luge put out word to other cities that they would consider offers for a new home. On Friday, May 14th CEO Jim Leahy met with his Board of Directors and a decision was made on the fate of the U.S. Olympic headquarters in Lake Placid for the sport of Luge.
Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White Crashes Prom [PHOTOS]
The tuxedo, the wrist corsage, the awkward slow dancing, it must be prom season! Overall, you want your prom or ball experience to be enjoyable including good music, good friends, a good date, even good food. What makes a prom even better? A special surprise appearance by Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun…
Erin Hamlin Homecoming Parade Times
Erin Hamlin makes her return to Central New York on Thursday February 26, 2014 with her Olympic Bronze medal in a homecoming celebration. If you're planning on coming to one of the parade stops, here is the itinerary.

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