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Toby Keith Describes The Path Of The Tornado Hitting His Hometown
The picture probably tells it all.  The look on Toby Keith's face as he describes the path of the huge tornado that destroyed his hometown of Moore, OK. says more about the devastation that words ever could.  Toby talks about the resilience of his hometown folk, the early planning of …
Woman Finds Lost Dog In Tornado Rubble While Being Interviewed [VIDEO]
The devastating tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma have left 24 people dead.  The pictures of the destruction are heart wrenching. Over 100 people were discovered alive overnight.  One woman was explaining her ordeal to a TV reporter, talking about her lost dog, when the reporter saw the pet amo…
How You Can Help Victims of the Tornado in Oklahoma
A huge tornado touched down just outside of Oklahoma City earlier today, causing widespread destruction and leaving behind a yet-untold number of casualties.
To see how you can help those affected, see the list below. This list will continue to be updated...
Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma, Leveling Homes, Killing 24 [VIDEOS]
The town of Moore in Oklahoma suffered tremendous damage in the biggest, most destructive tornado in state history.  Schools, homes, businesses and many, more buildings were leveled. 24 people have been confirmed dead but the casualties are expected to rise in the next few days.