Monopoly Game Boards To Include Real Money
Have you ever been playing Monopoly and thought to yourself, 'I wish this was REAL money?' Well, if you can get your hands on an 80th anniversary edition of the French Monopoly, you may just get a box filled with real Euros!
Hasbro Releases New “Snackable” Version of Monopoly
Are your kids too busy texting and playing video games to sit down to play a board game like "Monopoly"? The people at game-maker Hasbro get it and have released what is called a "snackable" version of their long time board game favorite and are calling it &qu…
New Monopoly Piece Announced
The fans have spoken and the new Monopoly game piece will be a cat. The cat was chosen by Monopoly enthusiasts over opposition that included a toy robot, a guitar, a diamond ring, and a helicopter. With the addition of a new game piece one of the original pieces had to be replaced.