Top 10 Bets to Make With Your Significant Other
Every couple has their issues, and in most cases the other person feels that they are always right. Instead of arguing to no end about things, certain disagreements can be settled with a simple wager. Have you ever uttered the words to your significant other, "I bet you anything I'm right?"…
Elderly Couple Killed in Car Crash Found Holding Hands
It's a story right out of "The Notebook". Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen of Chatteroy, Washington, had shared a love story together for 68 years when they were killed in car crash on Monday. What police found when they came across the accident scene was astonishing.
Choose: Money Or Pets In A Divorce?
The divorce has come--so, which do you choose to walk away with, the money or your pet? According to a new PetMd survey, 90 percent of pet owners would pick their four-legged friends over a pocket full of cash.
The Best Marriage Proposal Of All Time? [VIDEO]
A video camera and access to a movie theatre--it's the perfect recipe for an amazing marraige proposal. I won't spoil it by telling you what happens, so enjoy. Yes, the clip is about seven minutes, but, like good movie trailers do, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.