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LeAnn Rimes Spotted Kissing Female Friend in Public
It’s the stuff tabloids are made of — the details fans love to read and haters love to hate on. E! News recently reported that the paparazzi caught country star LeAnn Rimes laying a kiss on one of her best gal pals in the bright sunshine. But perhaps the most interesting element of the story is that…
LeAnn Rimes Honors Whitney Houston With Tribute Performance
This weekend, pop diva Whitney Houston’s death shook the music community to its core, leaving stars so stunned and sad that the only appropriate way to respond seemed to be offering up a version of the awe-inspiring ‘I Will Always Love You.’ We saw Jennifer Hudson bring the Grammy audience to the po…
New Leann Rimes Album In Stores Today
It seems like Leann Rimes has been in the headlines for everything but her music lately. Stories about her marriage to Eddie Cibrian and her alleged weight problems abound but little attention has been given to her upcoming CD which is available today. The album, "Lady and the Gentlemen&…
LeAnn Rimes Lean Body Causes Controversy on Twitter
LeAnn Rimes' body is creating controversy on Twitter.  She posted this picture of her in a bikini, on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, during her honeymoon.  It sparked several tweets from concerned fans, including one that mentioned seeing "a lot of bones showing through her skin."  LeAnn r…
LeAnn Rimes Is a Married Woman
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's are officially married.  They tied the knot in a private ceremony in California yesterday.  Friends and family were invited to what they thought was an engagement party.  Turned out, the couple surprised their guests to a wedding instead.
Cibrian's two sons from his pr…
LeAnn Rimes Boob Job?
It looks like an engagement ring wasn't the only thing LeAnn Rimes got for Christmas.  A photo in Us Weekly magazine, while she vacationed recently in Cabo shows much more of her.
LeAnn Rimes Engaged
LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian got engaged over the holiday weekend.  Here are the details.