Lawn mowing

The Mowing Olympics Have Begun
With the warmest March on record to kick off spring, have you noticed how green (and how long) the grass is in your backyard in April? I mowed my lawn last week for the first time of the season, and I would have to say that's the earliest I've ever mowed it. Usually, I don't mow the l…
How Do They Mow Like That?
Those diagonal lines you see on a baseball field? How come my lawn doesn't look like that? During the Frog Days of Summer, when we're mowing every week or so, I thought I would look into this subject.
Let The Lawnmower Olympics Begin
It won't be long now. If your neighborhood is like mine, you'll be hearing the constant roar of the power lawnmower.  In the Utica-Rome area, considering all that rain we had this week, this will probably be the first real weekend of local lawn mowing.