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Best Songs of 2013 – Tad Pole’s Top 5 [VIDEOS]
I've always believed that no matter where you live you need a good bartender and a good mechanic.  And when it comes to picking your favorite songs you need something that reminds you of home, friends, love and having a good time.  So with that in mind, here's my favorite five fr…
Kenny Chesney is Spreading the Love in New Video
Head to the islands to 'Spread the Love' with Kenny Chesney and the Wailers in Chesney's new video. All the proceeds from the song will go towards the 'Spread the Love' fund, helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
The Top Earning Country Singers According to Forbes Magazine
You may be surprised to see who's at the top of Forbes List of top earning country singers.  The annual Forbes Top Ten is calculated on an artist's total income just not record sales and concerts.  So take your guess as who's on top and then click for the answer.
Kenny Chesney Celebrates World Series Win With Red Sox
Kenny Chesney is good friends with former Boston Red Sox star Kevin Millar and guested with him on Millar's MLB Network show before the 6th game of the World Series Wednesday night. Kenny later joined in the celebration when the Sox won their 8th championship. Check out his and buddy Millar&apo…
Kenny Chesney Is Sporting a Beard
Kenny Chesney, who's taking a break from the road, is looking a little different these days. He's sporting a beard and I'm not sure how I feel about the new look or why he decided to grow one.  Maybe he's getting lazy and doesn't want to shave anymore or he's getti…

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