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How Long Before Someone Notices Keith Urban is Missing [VIDEO]
After Keith Urban went missing, how long was it before someone noticed he was gone? Believe it or not, it took a few days despite there being a gaping hole on the wall where Keith's picture use to hang. Once some realized it wasn't there anymore, the hunt began. I almost got away with it. …
Polly Kidnaps Keith Urban [VIDEO]
Keith Urban has gone missing. Where did he go and who took him? Without seeing the kidnapping, caught on camera, you already know who took his beautiful picture off the wall right? I wonder how long it'll take for someone to notice he's gone.
Does Keith Urban Look Better With Short or Long Hair [POLL]
Remember when Keith Urban cut his hair? Before the start of American Idol season last year, Keith cut his long locks to the dismay of many fans. This Idol season, he's grown it all back, which sparks the questions: Do you prefer Keith's short do or long locks?

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