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The Royal Baby Finally Has a Name
Attention, peasants of earth: Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby hath now been blessed with a name of tradition and bore: George Alexander Louis.
So we definitely lost in the betting pool with our Prince George Michael guess. On the plus side, we no longer have to call him the Royal Baby.
The Royal Baby is Here
The wait is over.  The royal baby is here and it's a boy.  Kate Middleton gave birth at 4:24 local time in London to a 8.6 pound baby. Since it was dark, instead of the official announcement outside Buckingham Palace, the news broke, as most news does now a days, on social media.
Official Kate Middleton Portrait Released
The first official painted portrait of Duchess Kate Middleton has been released.  It's a far cry from her topless photos, leaked by the press last September.  Kate calls the painting, commissioned by Britain’s National Portrait Gallery, “absolutely brilliant.&Clo…
Nurse in Kate Middleton Prank Found Dead
The British nurse who fell for a DJ's prank has taken her own life. Her body was found this morning near the hospital where she worked.  An investigation is underway to determine how she died but early signs suggest suicide.
DJ’s Prank Kate Middleton’s Nurse [VIDEO]
Two Australian DJ's pranked Kate Middleton's nurse to get an update on her pregnancy. Little did they know how far their prank would go.  They called the hospital impersonating the Queen and Prince William and not only did they get through, they got a nurse to tell them everything the…

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