july 4th

“The Lone Ranger” Rides On To the Big Screen [VIDEOS]
Those of my generation grew up with "The Lone Ranger" and his faithful Indian companion Tonto on TV. Now the masked man (Armie Hammer), his silver bullets and a somewhat different kind of Tonto (Johnny Depp) hit the big screen in a new "The Lone Ranger" adventure. The little ones…
Firework Science: What Creates The Colors We See?
If you’ve ever been to a July 4th celebration, you’ve seen the different bangs and pops of fireworks as they light up the night sky. But, if you’re a giant nerd, you want to get all up in those fireworks and see how they do it. Unsurprisingly, some of the chemicals used to produce such vibrant color…
Grilling For The Holiday?
We'll be celebrating Independence Day on Monday, and that means for many, time to break out the grilling supplies. According to the Weber Grills GrillWatch Survey, July 4th is the "favorite" grilling holiday.