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Reasons Jay Leno Should Retire
Is Jay Leno retiring from 'The Tonight Show?'  Rumors are he's calling it quits and NBC will replace Leno with Jimmy Fallon in 2014. Is it time for Jay to step down?  Here a few reasons Jay Leno should retire.
How Cold Is It, Ask Late Night Hosts
We're in the deep freeze here in central New York these days with temperatures below zero and in the single digits. So, it's time to get out the "How cold is it?" jokes. Nobody was better at those than the late Johnny Carson, but our current batch of late night hosts have…
Blake Shelton Talks Super Bowl, Marriage + More on ‘Leno’
Blake Shelton got the full package on Thursday night’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.’ Not only did he perform his new single ‘Drink on It’ for the first time ever on television, but he got a chance to sit in as a guest on the show, making himself comfy in the gold chairs next to the fa…
Steven Tyler Admits Wearing Daughter Liv’s Clothes [PHOTOS]
If you've ever asked yourself, who dresses Steven Tyler, the answer is his daughter.  He told Jay Leno, he wears Liv Tyler's clothes.
After hearing this, I decided to dig up pictures of all those weird outfits Steven is always in.  Only Steven Tyler could get away with wearin…