Growth in Our Area Comes in the Form of Concrete Towers
If you've driven on 840 recently heading towards New Hartford you may have noticed the concrete pillars that have popped up in the area of The Hampton Inn & Suites. Those towers represent what's going right about our area. Those pillars are the stairway shaft and elevator shaft for…
Why Are There Cranes At Harbor Point In Utica? [PHOTO]
It seems like every time I drive around Utica, there is more construction going on. Between the arterial project and building renovations, cranes have become a regular part of our skyline. Another crane was spotted at the N. Genesee St. entrance to Harbor Point in Utica.
How Safe Is A Hotel Safe? [VIDEO]
How many of you have gone on vacation and used the safe that is provided in the room? Well, after watching this video, you might want to check to see just how safe the safe is. Has anyone had stuff stolen from a hotel safe before?