heat wave

Red Cross Offers Tips To Beat The Heat
With temperatures in the Utica-Rome area expected to stay in the 90's for the next few days, the Mohawk Valley Red Cross wants to remind you to stay hydrated and avoid heat related illness like heat stroke.
Hot, Hot, Hot – Which Way To The Beach?
The "Frog Days Of Summer" are heating up again, and with it comes those comments we tend to hear from friends, co-workers and strangers while we're waiting in line at a convenience store. As temps may hit 90 today, make sure you stay hydrated, don't over exert, and be sur…
Beat The Heat Tips From The Red Cross
It's the first day of summer, and already we're having a heat wave. If you work outside or plan some outdoor activity in the next couple of days, be careful. And if you have pets, make sure they are kept out of the heat and have plenty of water.
Heat Wave – To AC Or Not To AC
A little mini heat wave has hit central New York this week, and we all try creative ways to keep cool. As for me, I prefer opening a window over air conditioning. Let's face it, wherever you go during the Frog Days of Summer, you most likely will hear the roar of air conditioners. We all want to be …