Grandparents Crazy Funny Reactions To Things Kids Like [VIDEO]
As a grandparent myself I know how mystifying and strange technology can be to people of my generation. How these things must appear to those even older than me I can only guess. Here are some video's from The of grandparents dealing with things---video games and music for example--tha…
It’s National Grandparents Month
Grandparents are an important part of our families. They serve as babysitters, a place for kids to stay overnight on occasion, and when moms and dads discipline the little ones, grandparents are there to slip the kids 50 cents. And, September is National Grandparents Month.
What Kellie Pickler Learned From Her Grandpa [AUDIO]
Grandparents Day is this Sunday. The official observance came into being in 1978 when President Carter designated the first Sunday after Labor Day as the day we salute "Nana and Pop-pop" or "Grammie and Paw-paw" or whatever you called your grandparents.  Kell…