Clinton Graduates Receive Diploma With Misspelled School Name
The Clinton Central School class of 2015 have a memory they won't soon forget. The 108 graduates received their diploma with their school name misspelled on the cover. It reads 'Cinton' Central School, Clinton, New York, leaving out the 'L' in the first Clinton.
Illinois High School Mother Walks Stage At Graduation For Son
Four days before the high school graduation ceremony at Thornton Fractional North High School in Chicago, the school lost its homecoming king and star quarterback 18-year-old Aaron Dunigan. How did the school handle the graduation ceremony? By honoring the boys mother and letting her walk …
Graduation Fall [VIDEO]
You're standing on stage waiting for your name to be called to get your diploma and all you can think about is, don't fall, don't fall, don't fall.  This girl not only fell, but she did it right in the middle of her victory dance.  I thought things like this only happen…