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Local Prices Down For Holiday Travel
Here's some good news - gas prices in central New York are down this month, and just in time for the holidays. Due to lower gas prices, it's expected that more people will be on the road this holiday season.
How Much Does it Cost To Fill Up Your Tank?
With gas prices over four dollars a gallon, its getting more expensive to fill the tank.
I remember when I first bought my little Honda Civic in 2004, it was about twenty bucks to fill it up.  The other day I stopped at the gas station and it was close to fifty dollars!  I can't imagin…
Man Frustrated With Gas Prices Writes ‘Liquid Gold’
A singer from Michigan is taking his frustrations over near four-dollar a gallon gas prices to YouTube.  Jason Miles wrote 'Liquid Gold' because he wants the government to do something about high prices at the pumps.
He also stars in the video and acts as a gas station attendant who ta…
A Break At The Gas Pump This Holiday Weekend
We like to share good news with our Big Frog 104 listeners, and here's some you'll appreciate. As we begin the Memorial Day Weekend, local gas prices are down, so that trip to the beach or long weekend getaway will cost a bit less.
Gas Prices Rising
Remember the line from Ronnie  Dunn's "Cost of Living", where he says "Three dollars and change at the pump"? Well, now it's all of that and then some. Although gas prices are rising, I've read where they  may level off my Memorial Day, bu…