How To Find Hidden Treasure Scattered All Over Utica
Have you ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt but discovered you aren't a pirate, and there isn't really treasure around Central New York? You aren't doing your treasure hunting right. There is hidden treasure scattered all over Utica, Rome, and Central New York. Keep in mind, that tr…
Best Pokemon Go Spots In Syracuse
Looking to catch as many Pokemon as you can with Pokemon Go in Syracuse? Here's the best spots in the game for catching Pokemon, Pokemon Stops, and other parts of the game in Syracuse.
Destiny USA Adding Racing To Mall [VIDEO]
"Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines". The starting call at the Indy 500? Sure, but soon it will also be heard at the new Destiny USA mall in Syracuse . According to YNN a California company will be installing an electric kart track on the the 3rd floor as part of the mall's entertain…
A Weather Guy with A Lot of Enthusiasm [VIDEO]
This weatherman from Michigan's WBKB clearly loves his job. Not only does he get to tell you about the weather, he gets to crack jokes and have a good time doing it. Check it out. Quote: "It's like Gargamel getting rid of the Smurfs."
Kittens Having Fun [VIDEO]
Here's another 'Awwwwwwww' moment for your day. It's three minutes of kittens playing together. The person who posted the video said that the kittens were rescued. He or she put them in a playpen, started videotaping and this is what happened...