frog days of summer

Dramatic Alaska Glacier Break Video
Obviously, the earth is not just standing still and climate change is a reality, as glacial ice continues to melt and break off. Maybe your vacation plans during the Frog Days of Summer don't include Alaska, but some tourists got an eyeful there earlier this week.
How Do They Mow Like That?
Those diagonal lines you see on a baseball field? How come my lawn doesn't look like that? During the Frog Days of Summer, when we're mowing every week or so, I thought I would look into this subject.
Deion Sanders Celebrates 44th Birthday
The Frog Days of Summer are by no means over, but football is on the way!If you're a football or baseball fan, you know the name. Deion Sanders is the only pro player to play in a an NFL Super Bowl and Major League Baseball World Series. Deion Sanders is 44 years old today.
Summer Thoughts
Yes, even thought it's the Frog Days of Summer, we do have some deep thoughts at time. Each day, when we conclude "Greg's Grill" request hour at noontime, I always say, "Now that we've had some food for lunch, how about so food for thought".
What Are The Dog Days Of Summer?
I learned exactly what is meant by the "Dog Days of Summer" a few years ago from a listener who corrected me on Big Frog 104. To begin with, we have plenty of Frog Days of Summer left, so let's see what makes a dog day a dog day.
August Is National Sandwich Month
It's probably the most common food we eat for lunch...the sandwich. During the Frog Days of Summer, we observe National Sandwich Month throughout August. We all have our favorites, and mine is a corned beef sandwich or Reuben (with a name like McShea, what did you expect)?
How To Go Fly A Kite
During the Frog Days of Summer, there's great weather to "go fly a kite".  When my wife and I were on vacation a couple of weeks ago, as we sat on the beach, we would see moms, dads and kids flying their kites.
Summer Thoughts From Greg’s Grill
Summertime, and the living is easy. Is it? Well, maybe if you're on vacation. If you're  spending y0ur workday with us during the Frog Days of Summer, we like to take a break during "Greg's Grill" request hour and offer some food for thought.
Where Did You Vacation This Summer?
I'm not trying to pry, but Woman's Day Magazine has asked it's readers "Where did you spend your summer vacation"? The McShea family always prefers a summer vacation where there's water, and plenty of it. There are plenty of Frog Days of Summer left, so maybe th…
Learn How to Play Croquet During the Frog Days of Summer
I remember years ago, just about everybody who had a backyard had a croquet set. And, it was always important to make sure you picked up all those metal wickets after you played, so your dad wouldn't trip on them or hit them while mowing the lawn. But, does anyone really know how to play croque…
Rainy Day At Camp Options
If you're renting a camp during the Frog Days of  Summer, a rainy day can be a true test of character. I recall as a kid, my family renting a camp for a week in Sylvan Beach, Old Forge and Inlet. It was lots of fun with the swimming, hiking, exploring, boat rides and more, but then we woul…
Cooking Corn On The Cobb On The Grill
We love homegrown sweet corn on the cobb in the McShea household during the "Frog Days of Summer". By now, a lot of our local farm stands and farmers' markets have great homegrown corn available.

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