frog days of summer

Ray Bradbury, Sci-Fi Author Dies
I love reading books, and my favorite author is Ray Bradbury. Many of our vacations during the "Frog Days Of Summer" include a paperback of short stories by Bradbury. Today, he died at the age of 91.
Click It So You Don’t Get A Ticket
Local law enforcement officials continue to urge you to click that seat belt, and drive safely during the "Frog Days of Summer". Over the weekend, a number of drivers were ticketed for not wearing their seat belts.
Boilermaker Transfers Active So Far
The Boilermaker on July 8th is one of the high points of the "Frog Days of Summer". This year's first-ever slot transfers have been active. The 15k and 5k race slots sold out fast so this year, that runners were allowed to transfer their slots if they decided not to run.
Keep The Bugs And Zappers Away From Food
It's picnic and backyard barbecue time, and the bugs are hungry...for you! Now research recommends that you keep electric bug zappers away for your food. Even though we haven't yet officially begun the "Frog Days of Summer", after Memorial Day Weekend, it's the summe…
Top 10 Things People Steal From Hotels
You may have some vacation time left and might be planning a trip during these remaining Frog Days of Summer. If you're a traveler, you may be interested in the top 10 items that people steal (not you or me, certainly) from their hotel rooms.
Fall Foliage Leaf Peeping On The Way
As we count down the remaining Frog Days of Summer, we can look forward to autumn colors. Even many of the snowbirds who go to Florida for the winter come back up to central New York for fall foliage viewing.
Brush Up On Your Indoor Sports
Now that we are well into September, and the Frog Days of Summer are starting to fade into the rear view mirror, it's time to start thinking about  indoor activities. When I was a kid, lots of families had a ping pong table in the basement. I remember at our house, we just had a net and paddles, and…
It’s Not Easy Being A Bills Fan
You know that the Frog Days of Summer are nearing an end when the NFL Football season begins. The regular season starts this week with a Thursday night game between Green Bay and New Orleans Saints.  My team (and maybe yours) for over 30 years has been the Buffalo Bills.
It’s Bowling League Season
The Frog Days of Summer have been filled with outdoor activity, and now that September is here, we find other things to do inside. It's that time of year when many bowling leagues begin, and many of you enjoy that participation sport week after week after week.
Steel Magnolia Today At NYS Fair
Another great country act to appear at Chevy Court at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse during the Frog Days of Summer.  Steel Magnolia performs live at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Food For Thought From A Legend
The Frog Days of Summer keep rolling on, and sometimes we kick back and take things a little easier. However, we still have deep thoughts to ponder. Each day, at the end of my noontime request hour "Greg's Grill", I offer up some food for thought in the form of a thought for t…

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