frog days of summer

Slow Traffic On Mohawk Street In Whitesboro
You've heard the old saying about central New York, "We have two seasons...winter and construction season". Well, we're in construction season during the "Frog Days Of Summer" and just a note about slow traffic on Mohawk Street in Whitesboro, which I fou…
My Summer Reading List
The "Frog Days Of Summer" are here, and vacations are just around the corner. I don't know about you, but every year when we go away on vacation, I always bring plenty of books and magazines to read on the beach. We all have different tastes, so I don't expect that you wi…
Hot, Hot, Hot – Which Way To The Beach?
The "Frog Days Of Summer" are heating up again, and with it comes those comments we tend to hear from friends, co-workers and strangers while we're waiting in line at a convenience store. As temps may hit 90 today, make sure you stay hydrated, don't over exert, and be sur…
Arts Festival Opens Tomorrow In Utica
One of my favorite events during the "Frog Days Of Summer" is the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Arts Festival, and it opens in Utica tomorrow. It is a great way for the family to spend a summer afternoon or evening.
Are You Still Traveling With Travelers’ Checks?
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", you may be out of town on vacation. And as that iconic TV commercial used to say, "Don't leave home without them". Without what? That was a line said by actor Karl Malden reminding people to make sure they always took travele…
Tiger Woods Coming Back To Atunyote
The "Frog Days of Summer" are filled with fun events, and golf is one of them. The big news today is that Tiger Woods is returning to Atunyote Golf Course this summer.
‘Tis The Season For Local Concerts In The Parks
Some of my favorite events of the "Frog Days Of Summer" are those local weekly outdoor and indoor concerts. And the best part is....they're free! Just bring a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy, or if indoors, just bring the family.
Boilermaker Goes To Afghanistan
At Big Frog 104, we're proud to share news about our troops serving around the world. During the "Frog Days Of Summer". the Boilermaker Road Race, which takes place on Sunday, July 8th is making sure that our troops serving in Afghanistan are a part of the race.
How Did Father’s Day Come About?
One of the most important events during the "Frog Days of Summer" is Father's Day, and it's this Sunday. Families will be honoring their dads, grandads, step-dads, fathers-in-law and father figures. But how did Father's Day come about?
Special Olypmics Torch Lit This Morning In Utica
One of the most worthwhile events of the "Frog Days Of Summer" is the New York Special  Olympic Games, this year held in Buffalo. This morning, Utica began the festivities with the lighting of the Special Olympic Torch.

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