frog days of summer

Tonight’s The Last Free Utica Zoo Monday Night
If you haven't been to the Utica Zoo lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised! I did a Big Frog 104 live broadcast at the zoo on Saturday and was amazed at the exhibits of over 100 exotic animals, the jungle environment trails between sections, and so much more. And during this last week of the "…
Bowling Tips For Lefties
With the "Frog Days Of Summer" almost in your rear view mirror, now may be the time to join a bowling leauge. Big Frog's Matt Herkimer is a league bowler with impressive stats, especially when they leave the bumpers up! As for me, I'm a left-hander and like many other spo…
Sitrin Hosting Blood Drive Wednesday
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", you can roll up your sleeve for the American Red Cross. Sitrin is hosting a blood drive this Wednesday, and the need for blood is always greater in the summer.
Happy 58th Birthday Al Roker
The "Frog Days Of Summer" have been filled with celebrity birthdays, and today the man who gives America the weather every morning on NBC's "Today"show, Al Roker is celebrating his 58th birthday. Al Roker has some ties to central, New York.
How To Prevent Brain Freeze
During the heat of the "Frog Days Of Summer", those cold drinks and ice cold treats sure hit the spot, and sometimes we feel it in our head. Brain freeze. You know, when you drink or eat something ice cold too quickly and then get head pain?
Gas Prices Are Soaring
Yes, these late "Frog Days Of Summer" have seen big increases in gas prices. On my way to Big Frog 104 today, I paid $3.91 for regular.
More Free Summer Outdoor Concerts
One of the nice things about the "Frog Days Of Summer" are free outdoor concerts held in various towns and villages in Central New York each week. Being Tuesday, tonight New York Mills is the setting for "Concerts In The Park" in Pulaski Park on Main Street. This evening, music i…
Walking With iPod Vs. CD Player
I'm not the most tech-savvy guy, but I do have an iPod, even though I have to ask my daughter to put music on it. During the warm "Frog Days Of Summer" , I tend to do more walking in my neighborhood for exercise. And, even though I have an iPod, I prefer taking my portable CD …
What Kind Of Driver Are You?
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", we may be driving a bit more with vacations, day trips and other destinations. I suppose that we all think we're great drivers. Now, a new study shows what kind of drivers there are out there on the highway.

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