frog days of summer

With Vacations Winding Down, It’s Home Fix-Up Time
I'm not exactly a crack home improvement do-it-yourselfer, but I can do a few things around the house. I don't tackle plumbing or electrical, as Clint Eastwood said, "A man's got to know his limitations". With the "Frog Days Of Summer" vacations are…
Saranac Thursday Rocks On Tonight
It's hard to believe that we're going into the Labor Day Weekend, but the "Frog Days Of Summer" keep rolling. Just a couple more Saranac Thursdays at the F.X. Matt Brewery at the corner of Court and Varick Streets in Utica are scheduled.
Final NY Mills Summer Concert Tonight [VIDEO]
The "Frog Days Of Summer" are winding down, and each week various towns and villages have offered free outdoor concerts. Tonight, the Village of New York Mills concludes its summer concert series with the return of "The Salt City Brass".
Grill Up Veggies On The Gas Grill [VIDEO]
We've really been working the gas grill during these "Frog Days Of Summer", and we keep finding new things to grill. Did you ever grill up vegetables? It's easy, and our "Greg Grill" recipe researchers have found a great how-to video.
Grill Up The Perfect Steak [VIDEO]
Throughout the "Frog Days Of Summer", we've been sharing with you some grilling and barbecue tips and recipes. And when it comes to steak on the grill, considering the price per pound of that meat, you want it come out just right. No problem. Our "Greg's Grill&am…
Where Is This Mystery Vacation Location? [VIDEO]
When you go on  vacation, you try to get away from it all. Well, last week when my wife and I were on vacation look who we bumped into...a frog! (Talk about "Frog Days Of Summer") Want to know where you can see mile-deep river gorges, breathtaking mountains and rock formations…
Grill Up Something Really Different This Summer
By the middle of the "Frog Days Of Summer", we're all going to be up to our ears in grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. So, why not grill up something a turkey. Our "Greg's Grill" recipe researchers have found a great video to do just that.
Shish Kabobs On The Grill Made Easy [VIDEO]
Now that we're officially in the "Frog Days Of Summer", we'll be firing up that gas grill more and more each day. After a while, you may get tired of hot dogs and hamburgers, so our "Greg Grill" recipes researchers have found a great "how to&…

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