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European Sport “Footgolf” Arrives In CNY [VIDEO]
The popularity of soccer is starting to entwine itself in golf.  Popular in Europe the past few years, the sport of Footgolf has arrived in Marcy, NY at Mini Falls Miniature Golf and Footgolf.  Watch as The Big Frog staff hits the links, or is it the field... or maybe it's the pitch.
2015 Herkimer County Fair Schedule Of Events
Fair season roles into the Herkimer County Fairgrounds August 18.  And as any good fair, the Herkimer County Fair is complete with 4-H competitions, tractor pulls, demo derbys and carnival rides and games.  Read more for the complete lineup.
Tad Pole Preparing For The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
Santa brought me an unusual gift last Christmas, The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Oswego Speedway.  It speaks to how busy summer has been that I haven't cashed this thing in yet.  But this weekend, I'm hitting the track.  I'm excited to do it, but there's a l…
2014 Herkimer County Fair Schedule Of Events
County fairs aren't ever complete without 4-H competitions, a demolition derby and tractor pull.  The Herkimer County Fair not only has all three, but also a great lineup of Central New York"s best country bands.  And then there's the rematch of the Tad VS Polly Fair Oly…
What’s The Summer Song of 2014
As we turn the calendar to August we all say "where did summer go?" It's not even the first time I've said that this summer. With a month to go in the summer of 2014, there's still time to enjoy some Frog Days Of Summer Fun. Let's start by selecting our &quo…
Singer Castle King And Queen Loved Their Stay
It's always nice to hear positive feedback from our Big Frog 104 listeners. During the "Frog Days Of Summer", I was happy to give away an overnight stay at Singer Castle on Dark Island, Thousand Islands, New York in our "King And Queen For A Night" contest.&n…

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