frog days of fall

NBA Season On Hold
The "Frog Days of Fall" are filled with an overlap of sports, from Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series to college football, NHL Hockey and the NFL. But, it won't have NBA basketball to overlap for a while.
Saturday Night Live Anniversary
The "Frog Days of Fall" are filled with new TV shows. Some last, others don't. One show that has lasted for the past 36 years is "Saturday Night Live" on NBC. In fact, the very first SNL debuted on this day, October 11, 1975 with comedian George Carlin as the…
Regular Guys’ Heroes
Now that the leaves are changing color, and the "Frog Days of Fall" are here, we may be in more of a contemplative mood. What? So, here's a question that Men's Health magazine dealt with recently...heroes.
It’s Do Or Die For Yanks Tonight
Will the Yankees advance to the American League Championship games? That's the question we want answered during the "Frog Days of Fall". We'll find out tonight when the Yankees are back home to host the Detroit Tigers in the final game five of the AL Division Series, broa…
Scotty McCreery To Sing National Anthem at World Series
We may not know who's going to the World Series yet, but we know who will be singing the national anthem at game one - Scotty McCreery. Game one will be played on Wednesday night, October 19th at the National League champion's ballpark beginning the Fall Classic during the "Frog D…
October Thoughts To Ponder
We're really moving through the "Frog Days of Fall" big time, as here we are in the first full week of October. The leaves are changing color and falling, just waiting to be raked and raked and raked, and raked again (I think I keep raking the same leaves that just blow back from the road)…
Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Now that we are in the "Frog Days of Fall", we realize that 2011 is winding down...only three months left. So, I got thinking, did you ever want to remember what day of the week your birthday was on 20 years ago, or what day did Christmas fall on the year you were born?
It’s Fire Prevention Week
Each year during the "Frog Days of Fall", Fire Prevention Week is observed, and it takes place this week October 3rd through 9th. At Big Frog 104, we salute firefighters throughout central and northern New York who put their lives on the line every day for our safety.
Play Ball! Baseball Playoffs Start Today
Whether you're an avid baseball fan or not, this time of year during the "Frog Days of Fall", baseball gets very exciting! Today, the Major League Baseball American League Division Playoffs get underway. The first game features Tampa Bay at the Texas Rangers at 5:07 p.m. , wit…
Happy Birthday To The Nanny
There are lots of celebrities celebrating birthdays during the "Frog Days of Fall", and today it's Fran Drescher's turn. Best known as TV's "The Nanny", Fran Drescher celebrates her 54th birthday on this day.
A Fine Fall Thought For The Day
Now that we're into the "Frog Days of Fall", we can enjoy the fall foliage and ponder more warm thoughts for the day. Usually, we end our "Greg's Grill" request hour with some food for thought, and here's today's.

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