frog days of fall

Who’s Your Favorite Dracula?
Halloween is just around the corner during the "Frog Days of Fall", and I'm sure we'll see a number of vampires...specifically Count Dracula. Over the years, most impressions (good and bad, but mostly bad) of Count Dracula are based on the classic Bela Lugosi portrayal of…
Biggest Cities Not Necessarily The Best
When it comes to the best place to live, most of us would say right here in central New York. After all, where else can you enjoy the "Frog Days of Fall" and have a local brewery just down the road? There's a new survey out that indicates that the best cities to live in are no…
Bowlers -Dots, Keys And Targeting Arrows
Now we're talking technical here bowlers. During the "Frog Days of Fall", many of you take part in bowling leagues. One of our Big Frog members is quite a league bowler, especially when they put up the bumpers for him.
Vampire 101 – Halloween Make Up
It won't be long now during the "Frog Days of Fall" before it's Halloween! This year, the spooky holiday falls on a Monday. Have you decided on a costume yet? Well, vampires are big again this year.
Carving That Jack-O-Lantern
The "Frog Days of Fall" are rapidly moving toward Halloween, and now it's time to get serious about those pumpkins. Last week, I shared a video with you about how to select the best pumpkin, so now we start carving that Jack-O-Lantern.
Holywood Squares Debuted 45 Years Ago Today
If you like game shows that are more entertaining than just watching other people win money, you probably liked watching "Hollywood Squares" on TV. Forty-five years ago today, October 17, 1966 "Hollywood Squares" debuted on NBC-TV. Now that the "Frog Days…
Happy Birthday To A Saint And 007
There have been a number of celebrities who have celebrated their birthdays during the "Frog Days of Fall", and today, one of the former James Bonds, Sir. Roger Moore is 84 years old. Moore was the third James Bond in the continuing film series, taking over from Sean Connery and Ge…
Celebrate National Pasta Month
Here's something I think you'll eat up. October is National Pasta Month - a good reason to eat hearty during the "Frog Days of Fall". Funny, when I was a kid they called pasta macaroni, or all pasta was  spaghetti, even if the noodles weren't spaghetti.
What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?
One of my favorite events during the "Frog Days of Fall" is Halloween, and although I don't get dressed up in costume, I still remember some of the costumes that I wore as a kid, and my kids wore too.
How To Pick A Perfect Pumpkin.
It won't be long now until we're carving those Jack-O-Lanterns. But first, you have to pick out a pumpkin. During the "Frog Days of Fall", there are a number of local farms that have hayrides that let you pick your own pumpkin. Or, you may prefer to just go pick one out, …
What Are The Most Stressful Jobs?
Stress. We all have it in some form or another, and maybe some of us have it more than others due to our line of work. During the "Frog Days of Fall", I thought maybe it's a good time to take a look at the stressometer (is there such a thing). As a radio announcer, I have deadlines about e…

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