Impressive Frisbee Tricks [VIDEO]
How are your frisbee skills? Mine, you ask? My frisbee skills are terrible. Every time I throw one, it doesn't go where I would like it to go. I get a good throw every once in awhile, but for the majority of time, my frisbee either hits the ground or just veers too far to the right. That's why I was…
Frisbee Tricks vs. Basketball Tricks [VIDEO]
Which are better to watch--tricks done with frisbees or tricks done with a basketball? If your answer was both, you are correct, at least after watching this amazing video. Two guys, one who does frisbee tricks and one who does basketball tricks, have a trick battle. And, I must say, I am really imp…
Frisbee Made Easy
Ok, I can't imagine there are complicated instructions on how to play frisbee. Just ask any dog, he'll tell you.