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Utica Woman Finds Knife in Fast Food Bag
Finding something in your fast food bag that doesn't belong isn't unusual. An errant fry with your onion rings or even a mistaken order. But you won't believe what a Utica woman found in hers. What's more shocking is how she was treated when she went in to complain.
How Do You Handle Fast Food Drive-Thru Mistakes? [POLL]
As a general rule, I'm pretty easy going.  However, wrongs that occur repeatedly have a tendency to send me through the roof.  At so it is with getting my order wrong at the drive-thru of fast food restaurants.  And it seems to happen way too frequently.  Do you drive back t…
Best Foods To Eat While You Are Driving
Texting while driving? A no-no. Using a cell phone while driving? Dangerous. But how about eating while driving. While there is no law against it--so far--there are some foods that are safer than others to consume while behind the wheel. Which ones?

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