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Toby Keith Performs ‘Red Solo Cup’ on ‘Ellen’
If you listen to country radio at all, and we know you do, you know to watch this video clip at your own risk. Toby Keith performed his can’t-ever-get-it-out-of-your-head catchy hit ‘Red Solo Cup’ today on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ and the audience seemed to love the creative drinking anthem. Keit…
Dierks Bentley Gives $50K to Military Family in Need
Dierks Bentley‘s got a generous heart and a pointed interest in supporting our troops and their families, especially those in need. The country singer gifted a military family who needed a little help with a $50,000 donation on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday, and he was met with a hug from …
Mario Lopez Strips for Ellen [VIDEO]
Mario Lopez has a new line of underwear coming out, and who better to model it than Mario Lopez himself! The hunky host of "Extra" stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show and took off all kinds of clothes to show off his sexy new underwear!
Uggie Does Tricks For Ellen [VIDEO]
Move over Lassie.  Step aside Rin Tin Tin.  Uggie is the dog of the hour.  He shows off for Ellen Degeneres.  He can skateboard and walk on 2 leg, but he's a little shy.  Watch what happens when Ellen gives Uggie a kiss.  This is the cutest dog ever!  Uggie is…
Comic Relief Best Medicine For Monday
If you're old enough to remember "Readers' Digest" magazine, then you may remember that they had a section called "Laughter is the best medicine". I agree, especially on a Monday. So, here's a little comic relief from Ellen DeGeneres.
Taylor Swift Talks Boys & Meets Her Biggest Fan On Ellen [VIDEOS]
Taylor Swift stopped by Ellen to talk awards, perfume and boys.  Ellen congratulated Taylor on her recent recognition from Billboard magazine as Woman of the Year, making her the youngest to ever receive the award.   Then Ellen tried to trip Taylor up while talking about her new perfume Wonderstruck…
Ellen In New Ad For Keith Urban’s Cologne Phoenix [VIDEO]
Only Ellen could get away with something like this.  She had Keith Urban on her show and they recorded a commercial for his new cologne Phoenix, sort of.  Phoenix is hot and so is Keith Urban, so  Ellen did her best to cool him down.  There was even some licking involved.  Man I wish was Ellen!  Kei…
Ellen Surprises Deaf Woman Who Can Now Hear [VIDEOS]
Sarah Churman was born deaf.  But with technology advancements, she can now hear with a cochlear implant.  Her reaction to hearing her own voice after being deaf for 29 years will bring tears to your eyes.  It moved Ellen so much she invited Sarah onto her show.
Ellen Reunites A Military Family [VIDEO]
Grab the tissues.  Ellen Degeneres is known for pulling off a surprise or two on her show.  She linked up Jessica Gerren with her husband Chris, who she thought was in Afghanistan.  Gerren had just given birth and Chris missed it.  They were discussing the baby and Chris seeing pictures when sound p…

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