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Dunkin Donuts Closing 100 Stores
The $15 fast-food minimum wage hike may already be affecting businesses. Dunkin Donuts plans to close 100 stores in the United States this year and next.
Iced Coffee Day At Dunkin Donuts This Wednesday (5/21)
It's become an annual tradition, just like your birthday.  Dunkin Donut's annual Iced Coffee Day is this coming Wednesday. As always you receive a refreshing, cool beverage and help a worthwhile cause at the same time. Click for the details.
Dunkin Donuts Starts New Rewards Program [ADVERTORIAL]
If you're a Dunkin Donuts regular like me, here's a great way to enjoy those great DD products and get rewarded.  DD Perks Rewards, gives you freebies and specialized offers designed especially for you.  It's free to join, click for the details.
Best Cups of Coffee in the Utica Area – Polly Wogg’s Top 5
When we were asked to rate the best cups of coffee in Central New York, I volunteered.  I'm a huge a coffee drinker.  I usually have a pot or two before most people even start their day.  There is nothing like a steaming cup of great coffee, first thing in the morning...