driving safety

Other Drivers Shouldn’t Keep You Guessing
I'm sure you've had this happpen to you. You're driving to work, and the guy (or woman) ahead of you has his left turn signal on for three miles. Or, the car ahead of you turns without using a turn signal. What do you do?
Drive Extra Carefully Today On Halloween
For those of us with kids already grown, Halloween is not something we think about during the day, until we open the door for trick or treaters tonight. Here's a friendly reminder to drive extra carefully today. There'll be lots of foot traffic with the little trick or treaters, especially during th…
Click It So You Don’t Get A Ticket
Local law enforcement officials continue to urge you to click that seat belt, and drive safely during the "Frog Days of Summer". Over the weekend, a number of drivers were ticketed for not wearing their seat belts.
Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Hands On The Wheel
With the warmer weather here and vacation traveling just around the corner, many of us will be doing a lot more driving. At Big Frog 104, we want those drive times to be safe ones. So, as the old saying goes, keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Now, a new study indicates the five risk…
Safest And Most Dangerous Cities to Drive In
As many of us will be taking a road-trip during the "Frog Days of Fall", you might find it interesting which cities are safest and most dangerous to drive in. According to an article from Netscape, the seventh annual Allstate America"s Best Drivers' Report lists the t…