Can This Dog Really Resist Eating Human Food? [Video]
One of a dog's favorite foods is anything humans eat! If you put the best dog food and the worst possible human food in front of a dog, odds are they'll eat the crappy human food. There is just something about our cuisine that drives these pups nuts! This dog Sid is unlike any dog I have e…
CNY SPCA Helping Dog Found At Utica Triple Homicide Scene
While the City of Utica is still learning what happened on the 1900 block of Whitesboro Street on January 7th, The CNY SPCA is trying to lend a hand. A dog was found with multiple injuries at the scene of the triple homicide, and the CNY SPCA is trying to help him.
Staffworks Presents ‘The Rescue Club’ – Clayton
Each week we highlight local animal shelters and one pet from that shelter to introduce to you! This week we return to The Humane Society of Rome to meet Clayton! He is the calmest dog you ever did see! He has spent a lot of time with the Humane Society of Rome and it’s the contributions from you an…

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