Drive Safely With Your Dog
If you have a dog, or have had a dog, you know many of them love to go for a ride. Whether it be sticking their head out the window or just looking out the window, some dogs just love the car. But, how safe are you when you drive with your dog? Well, according to new AAA and Kurgo Pet Products surve…
Bulldog Wants Pool Inside The House [VIDEO]
"Geez, Gus, we can't have anything nice, can we?," says the woman in the video. Meet Gus. He's a Bulldog that seems to want luxury--he wants an indoor pool. This dog has some definite determination making this outside swimming pool into an inside swimming pool...
A Dog That Sings [VIDEO]
A dog that can sing on command? Yup, here's Mishka the singing Husky. For me, I'm used to a dog that can sing--we have a Chihuahua that sings to Carrie Underwood. But, she doesn't sing on command like Mishka does. Do your dogs sing? Do they do any interesting tricks...
Choose: Money Or Pets In A Divorce?
The divorce has come--so, which do you choose to walk away with, the money or your pet? According to a new PetMd survey, 90 percent of pet owners would pick their four-legged friends over a pocket full of cash.
One Smart Cat
It's the age-old question--are cats smarter than dogs, or is it the other way around? Well, what happens when a very smart cat plays the classic shell game? I'll let you watch. Enjoy.
Dog Grows Up In Less Than A Minute [VIDEO]
They grow up before we even know it. You blink and they are one year old--or about 10- to 15-years-old in dog years. Dunder, the German Shepherd in this video, really does grow up right before our eyes. The dog turns one year old in 40 seconds. If you are or have ever been a pet owner, you know they…
How Entertaining Are Bubbles? [Video]
Well, if you are Molly, the baby, and Bennie, the dog, bubbles seem to have more entertainment value than a trip to Disney World. Her laughter is contagious--I couldn't help but laugh along with her. Enjoy.
Me Or The Dog?
If someone were to ask you, which one would you dump--your significant other or you pet; which would you choose?