Dog Getting Ball Out of the Pool [VIDEO]
Here's what I imagine the dog is thinking: "I'm so close. Just a little bit closer. Just...a...little...bit...closer. GOT IT!" This dog is trying hard to get its ball without jumping into the pool. It takes almost a minute, but the dog finally gets it.
Dog Doesn’t Like to be Called ‘Baby’ [VIDEO]
I have heard many stories lately about how when people were little, and the only child, they always hated when their parents called them the baby. Then, another sibling was born, and they were no longer the baby. Well, for this dog, it seems to be the same way. It does not like to be called 'ba…
Dog Cleans Up Around the House [VIDEO]
Thanks to one of Greg "Splashin'" McShea's latest blogs, I learned that the Golden Retriever is the number four most popular dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. And, here is a Golden Retriever named Grace cleaning up a little bit. Check it out.
Dog Plays the Piano and Sings a Song [VIDEO]
A few months ago, I showed you a video on my dog Mia singing to Miranda Lambert. Well, I thought that was pretty impressive, until I saw this dog. Not only can this dog sing, it can also play the piano at the same time! Check out the video.
Dog Cleans Toy After Using It [VIDEO]
Here's one smart pup. When the dog is done playing with her ball at the dog park, she cleans it off before she goes home. I'm assuming the dog female as the video is titled "Taylor". Check it out.
Dog Watching a Ping Pong Game [VIDEO]
When I watch a tennis game or a table tennis game, my head is always going back and forth, back and forth watching the ball. The same thing is happening to this dog, too. For this dog, watching ping pong is quite the workout.
Dogs Hangin’ Out at the Dog Park [VIDEO]
Well, the titles explains it all. A guy put a camera on his dog and lets him loose at a dog park. Oh, there's some pretty cool slow motion filming, too. It seems like a whole lot of fun to be a dog at a dog park, doesn't it? Is there a dog park where you live?
Acrobatic Dog Gets Toy Out of Tree [VIDEO]
Here's the scenario: you're playing fetch with your dog, and, you throw his toy a little too far and it gets stuck in a tree. What to do? If it were me, I would get a stick and try to hit the toy out of the tree. But, not the dog in this video. Instead of just leaving the toy in the tree, …

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