Disney Bans Smoking in Youth-Rated Movies
If you’re a fan of Disney baddies like cigar-smoking Bill Sykes from Oliver & Company (and really, who isn’t a fan of Bill Sykes from Oliver & Company?), this news is relevant to your tobacco-stained interests: The Walt Disney Company has banned all depictions of smoking from a…
Disney Cruise Lines Coming to New York [Video]
Since the first Disney Park opened back in 1955 in Anaheim, California Disney has been known for their exceptional customer service and amazing vacation experiences. It was in 1998 that Disney took their amazing product to the sea with The Disney Cruise Line. Now this popular destination is coming b…
Gaston Defeats Disney Park Guest In Push Up Contest [WATCH]
In the Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" the villain Gaston was known for his strength. One Disney Park-goer decided to test Gaston and see just how strong he was. The guy challenged the classic Disney character to a push-up contest and you won't believe what happened next.

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