depression-era cooking

Baking Bread With Clara [VIDEO]
For help with my Thanksgiving meal, I turn to my favorite chef--Clara. Clara is in her 90s. And, if you don't know Clara, she grew-up during the Depression and she has her own little internet cooking show called "Depression Cooking." She cooks meals from the Depression era. I featured two …
Dandelion Salad [Video]
Not only is dandelion salad delicious, my favorite cook of all time is preparing it. Move over Emeril Lagasse, here's Clara. If you've never watched Clara before, she is in her 90s and she has a web-show called Great Depression Cooking. She cooks dishes that were popular when she was …
Depression-Era Cooking
Not only is the Clara 95 years old, she makes an amazing fried mushroom dish. After watching this, no joke, I went to the store and bought mushrooms and made the recipe exactly how she showed it.