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‘Cute Kids’ of the Day Fight Over Pacifier [VIDEO]
When you have twins, you may want to buy two of everything.  Our 'Cute Kids' of the day love their pacifier.  The only problem is there are 2 kids and 1 pacifier.  So they share with each other, or should I say steal from each other.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Pitches Perfect Game
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day, Andrea Chiaradio, of Stonington High School in Connecticut, pitched a perfect game by striking out every single batter she faced — 21 of them over the course of the seven-inning game.
Chiaradio was so dominant, in fact, the opposing team didn&CloseCurlyQuote…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Plays with Otter [VIDEO]
Kids love the zoo, and when moments like this occur, it makes a visit all the more special. Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is the center of attention for all the otters at the Philadelphia Zoo. And so she plays with them.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Wins Penmanship Award With No Hands
Despite being born with no hands, our 'Cute Kid' of the day, Annie Clark is a pretty normal kid. She dresses herself, drinks soda from a can she opens, types on her computer and hopes to one day write a book about animals. Oh, and the seven-year-old just won a trophy and $1,000 in a nation…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Laughs at Vacuum Cleaner [VIDEO]
Of all the things babies find amusing, you wouldn’t normally assume the vacuum cleaner would cause a toddler to go into hysterics. For these parents, the vacuum is exactly the household item our 'Cute Kid' of the day couldn’t stop laughing at when its switch…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Newest Mensa Inductee With 159 IQ
What were you doing when you were 4? If you were anything like us, you spent your days trying to keep up with the complex plots of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.’
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day, four-year-old Heidi Hankins from Winchester, England, however, taught herself how to read at a rapid pace, comp…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Helps You Remember the Elements
For the uninitiated, ‘The Elements’ is a song written in 1959 by musical humorist and mathematician Tom Lehrer, which recites the names of all the chemical elements on the periodic table. Actor Daniel Radcliffe famously sang it on a British chat show and helped introduce the song to a new generation…

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