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‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Saves Cat
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is a hero, at least to their pet cat.  The girl picks up the kitty, which is about the same size as she is, to keep it out of harms way from the family dog, that keeps terrorizing the cat.  She carries the kitty through the fields and to the house steps,…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Sings Metallica
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day may not be old enough to talk, but he can sing.  Watch this baby hum to Metallica as dad begins to play a song on his guitar.  Its amazing what the power of music, even at such a young age.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day is a Baby Jedi
May the force be with you.  Our 'Cute Kid' is almost one year old, way to young to know anything about 'Stars Wars.'  But the young Jedi knows what to do when given a light saber.  Watch her and dad duel.  Luke Skywalker would be so proud.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Learns Sign Language
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day may only be a little over a year old but she learns fast.  Watch her show mommy the sign language signs she remembers.  I don't even think she can speak yet, so sign language comes in handy when she needs something, like a bottle or a diaper change.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day is Eight-Year-Old College Prodigy
Meet Tanishq Abraham.  Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is an 8 year old who attends college.  At age four Tanishq was accepted into the high IQ society MENSA.  He was home schooled after public school became too boring.  At sever, Abraham started taking college classes and qu…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Shows Bulldog Love [VIDEO]
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is Gabriel, who loves his English Bulldog.  He hugs and kisses the pooch who is just chillin' on the couch, soaking in all the love.  Thanks to Mariana for sending us this video for our Cute Kid of the day.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day is a Ping Pong Wizard [VIDEO]
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day sure knows how to throw a ping pong ball. In this video, watch him throw one into a cup several times in several ways. He's very creative and has extremely good aim. You will definitely want to learn his tricks after seeing this!

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