cute animal videos

Dog Apologizes to Owner for Being Bad [VIDEO]
They say man's best friend is one of the smartest of all the animals and after watching this video I believe it even more! Not only are dogs usually very responsive to human commands, they also have emotions that appear to be pretty clear. This lab is clearly sorry for something and is begging …
Paralyzed Pup Gets New Legs [WATCH]
One company in Tampa Bay, Florida, Westcoast Brace & Limb, has built custom prosthetics to help many different people from children to wounded veterans. One of their latest patients, a bulldog named Spencer.
All Cats Love Boxes, Even Big Ones [VIDEO]
I know our two cats Fenway and Parker (yes, we're Red Sox fans) love boxes. Anytime we bring home something that comes in a box it's just a matter of minutes before one or the other climbs in-or at least tries to-and makes themselves comfortable. Maybe they'll just lie on it or scratch at it or chew…
Baby Panda Tries To Wake Mom [VIDEO]
Other than koala bears, pandas have to be the cutest animals on the planet. A few years ago, my wife and I visited the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. All eyes were fixed on the two panda bears that were eating their lunch. And when it comes to baby this.
Cute Animals Disrupt Sporting Events [VIDEO]
We all love cute, cuddly animals but sometimes they just show up in the wrong place. Last weekend a marten, similar to a ferret with very sharp teeth, interrupted a soccer game in Switzerland . Trying to catch it served problematic and painful especially for one of the bare handed players. Check out…
How Can You Resist A Dancing Penguin?
Sometimes, the post-Christmas "Frog Days of Winter" can be a let down after the excitement of the holidays. So, doing my part to avoid having us slip into the winter blahs, I thought I would share a cute animal video with you.