culture fest

Culture Fest 10 Days Away
Big Frog 104 and Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield present Culture Fest - A Festival of Nations coming to the Stanley Theater next Saturday, April 13. Many local restaurants will be featured at the event.
German Heritage, Part Of Culture Fest – A Festival Of Nations
Culture Fest - A Festival of Nations is Saturday, April 13th at the Stanley Theater in downtown Utica. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy foods from around the world and experience international culture through music, dance and art, all for just $10. With a name like Greg "Splashin&apo…
Polish Culture An Important Influence On Utica’s History
Having spent several of my "wonder years " growing up in West Utica I was well aware of its Polish influences. I played Little League baseball in the PLAV (Polish Legion of American Veterans), lived two doors down from the Pulaski Meat Market , grocery shopped at Tolpa's Dairy and had a pa…