crying baby

Baby Stops Crying ListeningTo “Star Wars” Theme [VIDEO]
My wife and I have 2 baby boy grandchildren, ages 6 and 4 months. On those occasions when we get roped into, I mean blessed with the opportunity, to babysit we naturally encounter those crying spells. There are many different ways to calm a crying baby but this mom gets a prize for most inventive.
President Obama Calms A Crying Baby [VIDEO]
No matter your political affiliation, this is a pretty cool and cute video. This crying baby must be a fan of the President because after Mrs. Obama hands the baby to the President, the baby stops crying. And, after the baby stops crying, the President's face is priceless. Enjoy.
David Ferrer Lobs Tennis Ball at Crying Baby in Stands [VIDEO]
Etiquette dictates that tennis fans remain silent during live play, reserving their cheers for before and after the rallies.
However, a baby in attendance of the Sony Ericsson quarterfinal between David Ferrer and Mardy Fish was too young to get that message, and did the loud crying thing babies ofte…