Wood Sculptures Stolen From Local Artist With Brain Cancer
For Beth Boshart and Greg Lowe it has been a long streak of bad luck. Greg is a local artist who specializes in wood carvings. Every sculpture he does is by hand, and in many cases has sentimental value. One latest streak of bad luck came in the form of theft. Three of his carvings were stolen from …
8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Utica And Rome
We always brag about how Central New York is an amazing place to live. You may have lived here your whole life, or just moved here and are amazed at the great area. However, every community has its bad apples that contribute to some neighborhoods’ higher crime rates. Here's…
Body Found on Le Moyne College Campus
A body has been found on the campus of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Two joggers were running near a wooded area by the college when they came upon the remains. The body appeared to have been possibly burned.

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