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Cledus T Judd Parodies Luke Bryan In New Song
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  And Cledus T Judd has been imitating them better than anyone for years.  Luke Bryan gets the latest send-up from Cledus.  Click to check out his new song, "Luke Bryan."
What Makes Tyler Farr Redneck Crazy? [VIDEOS] NSFW
Tyler Farr singer of the hit, 'Redneck Crazy," is about to release his debut album. Appropriately enough the CD will be named Redneck Crazy, and is due to hit store shelves September 30.  Tyler has started a video series to celebrate the release.  Click to check out the list …
Craig Campbell vs. Colt Ford – The Showdown
One more win and he's in. Craig Campbell's new song 'Outta My Head' is counting on fan support for a fifth straight night to get him into the Showdown Hall of Fame. The mid-tempo mourner has hooked fans new and old to top four other new singles in the online vote and on Tast…