celebrity birthdays

Lee Greenwood – 68 Today In The USA
Our "Country Classic Double" today features country artist Lee Greenwood, who is celebrating his 68th birthday. While Lee has had numerous country hits, he's best remembered for his patriotic: "God Bless The USA", a song that became an anthem for our country …
Comic Bob Newhart Celebrates Birthday
We all have our favorite TV sitcoms, and Bob Newhart has starred in a few of my favorites. Today, the witty low-key comedian celebrates his 82nd birthday. You may have seen Newhart a couple of years ago when he performed on the Stanley Theater Stage in Utica.
Happy Birthday “Reeg” – Regis Philbin
Another celebrity birthday during the Frog Days of Summer! He's done just about everything there is to do on television and has spent more time in front of the camera than any other personality. Today, Regis Philbin celebrates his 80th birthday.
Happy Birthday President Clinton
The Frog Days of Summer have been filled with a number of celebrity birthdays, and even our current president. Well, today happens to be our 42nd president's birthday - Bill Clinton is 65 years old today.
Happy 68th Birthday Robert DeNiro
"I hear things, I hear things," as Bobby DeNiro would say. Today, the talented actor Robert DeNiro is 68 years old. I don't know of any other contemporary actor who does it all so well - drama, comedy, playing the hero and the heavy.
Happy Birthday Mr. President
President Barack Obama turns 50 today...so we at Big Frog 104 say "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". Often, presidents age rapidly in office, but so far from what I see, President Obama looks just about the same (with a few more gray hairs...after this debt ceiling go-round, I can se…
Kathy Mattea – Today’s Birthday Girl
Kathy Mattea is celebrating her 52nd birthday today, so we are celebrating her music. Today, I'm featuring Kathy's big #1 hit from 1998 "18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses" in our Big Frog 1o4 Country Classic Double at 11:30 am.
Happy Birthday Rosanne Cash
Rosanne Cash celebrates her 56th birthday today, and at Big Frog 104, we're celebrating her music during our "Country Classic Double" at 11:30am. I always liked Rosanne's music, which often is a blend of country, rock and pop.