Cat Helps Sing The “Happy Birthday” Song [VIDEO]
If it's your birthday, or if your birthday is coming up soon, here's a nice birthday present. It's a video of a cat helping to sing the "Happy Birthday" song. I've seen "talking" cats before--I used to have a cat that would "talk" to you. For example, if you came in the…
The Calmest Cat In The World? [VIDEO]
Don't you hate it when you are trying to take a nap and a dove (or pigeon--not sure which one--according to Wikipedia, the terms 'dove' and 'pigeon' are sometimes used interchangeably) keeps bothering you? Well, if you are this calm kitty, it's quite an annoyance. Although, for having a dove (or pig…
Choose: Money Or Pets In A Divorce?
The divorce has come--so, which do you choose to walk away with, the money or your pet? According to a new PetMd survey, 90 percent of pet owners would pick their four-legged friends over a pocket full of cash.
One Smart Cat
It's the age-old question--are cats smarter than dogs, or is it the other way around? Well, what happens when a very smart cat plays the classic shell game? I'll let you watch. Enjoy.