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Will Brett Favre Sing Country After Challenging Tim McGraw [VIDEO]
Brett Favre has a challenge for Tim McGraw and it has nothing to do with football. Here's the challenge: Tim has to get 10,000 followers on before April 1st. If it happens, Favre will sing one of Tim's songs. If it doesn't, Tim will have to wear one of Favre's jersey&apo…
Brett Favre Worries About Memory Loss
There was talk this week of Brett Favre returning to the NFL this week when the St. Louis Rams supposedly called the future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback and inquired about his availability. Favre quickly shot down the rumors. The reasons may have had more to do with his health than his ability to play.
Brett Favre on Dancing With the Stars?
We've seen Brett Favre's fancy footwork on the football field, but on the dance floor?  Former Dancing With the Stars contestant and football player Kurt Warner thinks a spin on the hit ABC show could restore his image.
Brett Favre Fancy Footwork
Brett Favre's football career is over.  Or so he says.  He announced his retirement, again.  He hasn't played since he was knocked out with a concussion a few weeks ago.  He did show off his footwork on the field this weekend.  But it was on the practice field...
The Day The Roof Caved In
The roof of the Minnesota Metrodome collapsed Sunday morning under the weight of nearly 18 inches of snow. And we thought we had it tough here in Central New York! The game between the Vikings and New York Giants will be played Monday in Detroit.  Questions that remain are will the delay stiffle the…