Another McShea Family Holiday Tradition
It's not exactly the lighting of the Christmas Tree at The White House, but it's a big holiday tradition for me! Each year, I travel up to the Burke Library on the Hamilton College campus in Clinton to take out "A Christmas Carol"by Charles Dickens. This is no ordinary bo…
My Summer Reading List
The "Frog Days Of Summer" are here, and vacations are just around the corner. I don't know about you, but every year when we go away on vacation, I always bring plenty of books and magazines to read on the beach. We all have different tastes, so I don't expect that you wi…
Ray Bradbury, Sci-Fi Author Dies
I love reading books, and my favorite author is Ray Bradbury. Many of our vacations during the "Frog Days Of Summer" include a paperback of short stories by Bradbury. Today, he died at the age of 91.