Beware: Bear Seen on Herkimer College Campus
Bears in central and upstate New York is nothing unusual but one on a college campus is another story. A bear was seen at Herkimer College and school officials are asking students to be careful when walking to class.
Bear Tears Apart Car in the Adirondacks
Bears can not only be resourceful but destructive. Frank and Lexi Smith of Lee Center, New York found out the hard way when a bear broke into their car and tore it apart in the Adirondacks.
Is The Black Bear Population On The Rise In Central New York?
Black bears are found in all areas of upstate New York. They prefer forests mixed with open areas and wetlands, farmland, and sometimes corn fields where they can cause considerable damage. They're naturally shy and elusive but with all the reported bear sightings recently is the bear popu…

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